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>> it happened behind closed doors. a private meeting with an international saga and strong words coming from chin yampt dire words across our border with mexico telling americans to be aware. i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. >> freed in hours after three years behind bars. casey anthony said to be in prison by fear and uncertain about what the public has in store for the mom found not guilty of killing her toddler. we are live outside of the florida jail .
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and the predictions are dire. epic traffic jams and massive road rage car magedion in l.a. >> we started early and monitoring the congestion build up. and does the hype live up to reality. >> plus, she did not breech air space but violated a sensitive area. tonight, the passenger accused of groping a tsa agent. >> just hours from now a woman who once faced the death penalty. without exact time and warning, we are anticipating the release of casey anthony. said to be spending her last hour in jail after being
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acquitted of murdering her little daughter. she was found guilty of four four counts of lying to police. orange county officials say it is not the usual one. her acquittal sparked outrage by people who watched live coverage of her trial. her legal team is getting death threats and a e-mail showing a bullet hole to her forehand. one of her attorneys is arm not taking chances. had her attorney said she needs breathing room. that may hard to come boy. the media spotlight will follow her. scores of tv crews are lined up outside of the jail and casey stegal is outside of the jail. cases for the latest. >> we live with's word and 24
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hour news cycle and getting all of our newsinantly because of social network twitter. we can watch live videos on our smart phones. but what we will not watch live is when casey anthony walks out of this jail either a free woman tomorrow or tomorrow night. that is for her safety accord toth officials. only people who will witness it happening three journalist that are select it and document it go down. news photographer and still photographer and associated press reporter. they will be sequestered starting tonight and that means no blackberries for them and iphones or internet acess. there is no way for them to get a message out to alert anyone on when this release will happen. this is to avoid members of the press and the public
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trying to prevent them from chasing casey anthony down. officials tried to get the air space over the jail close so that news helicopters could not fly. that did not pan out and they will be allowed to fly. jose baez and mason have been here to prepare her for the circus that her release is expected to become. three pooled journalist that are napping all of the photos will come to the right to the parking lot where i am tonight to feed all of the images out to everyone. but it is entirely possible that they will not be allowed to leave the facility several hours after the release goes down. the idea so that folks again cannot pin point the exact time casey anthony will leave the facility and throw the
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people off, members of the press and what not so that casey anthony is not threatened during the whole process. >> all of this attention focused on the mom acquitted of murder. we still don't know what happened to her little girl. to the debt crisis. a showdown in dc with the clock ticking down to a possible default on america's loan . no clear deal with president obama and gop leaders going on the offensive today. the week is most intense. finger pointing and name calling and accusations and scare tactics from both sides. while nation squabbles our national debt is going up. we are three weeks away. and the treasury department said the government will not pay all of its bill. molly is live in the bureau. president pitching to the
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public today. the president said everyone has to play their parts and share the sacrifice to reduce the deficit. >> the truth is a lot you can't cut deficit without spending . you have to ask the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share and cut the loop holes that big corporations get and middle class get. john boehner said he doesn't have the vote to pass the deal that includes tax hikings. >> the president wanting the public to know that he is pushing that don't have the support to pass. >> republicans in the house want tax increases off of the table. the reason that the u.s. has a
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debt problem is not because americans are not paying enough to taxes but washington spends too much. >> the situation is gotten worse. in the first two years in office. discretionary spending sky rocketed 84 percent including the failed stim tim with the spending reaching 25 percent of the nation's out put. we haven't seen spending that live since world war ii. >> they intend to require the government to cap spending and set a higher thres hold of votes needed to raise taxes. china issued a warning to the white house. china said that meeting could harm the relations between the two count reese. the president said he didn't support tibetian independence
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but supports the protection and culture of the people. fox news is america's election headquarters and presidential hopefuls are making the rounds to meet the white house in 2012. newt gingrich attended a town hall meeting and first complain disclosure showing it is one million in debt. nearly half of that for private air travel. iowa is critical to the election. congresswoman michelle bachmann making her four consectative weekend visit there. she is getting ready for the straw poll. bachmann was born in iowa. and john hunts man spent
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the day in salt the lake texas ron paul is taking questions . former governor of new mexico slammed president obama's recovery effort. at this hour. pizza magnet her man cain is in alabama giving a key note address in the republican party reagan-lincoln dinner . watch fox news sunday because chris wallace will interview herman cain and check your local listings for time. >> investigators of the staffers of the news of the world hacked in voice mail accounts of the people they were recovering. a personal apology from rupert murdoch appearing in every
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newspaper . murdoch is son james who heads international operations for news corp will appear before the uk parliment to worry questions. the 106 tab bloid news of the world was shut down in the wake of the investigation . since then several people have resigned, including rebecca brooks who was the news of the world editor when the phone hacking took place . also les hinton stepped down. he over sea the -- he was ceo and pubbler of the wall street journal . both are owned by news corp. they found no evidence of wrong doing in the journal or dow jopes. >> we hear warnings of traveling to mexico. if you are thinking of
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venturing south of the border and he posted an ad looking for a roommate and now there is no sign of amy. why relatives say there is a connection between her disappearance and a popular on line site . this man accused of murdering a retired army sergeant escaped custody. wait until you see how he managed to get away in the first place. stay with us. where do you go to find a super busine? you know, the ones who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the serguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or at®.
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[ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. ♪ >> a brand new emergency message from emergency officials in mexico warning of a fresh attack in the raging drug war. there is threats from juez. travelers and locals to be on high alert and the consulate reminding people that they are known to use car bombs in that
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area. jaurez is a hot bed of violence. the consulate temporarily closed its doors last summer. >> colorado police looking for a disappearance of a woman and the adon craigy list. a man who responded to the ad scared her and she took it down. the search for amy. inside her key purse and credit card and cell phone. >> a man wanted for killing an army sergeant turned himself in. james brewer was on the run after breaking out of a u.s. holding cell. it happened in dc superior court. brewer swapped id bracelets with a different prison who was set to be released. he was accused of shooting army reese in june. they are confirming tonight he is back in custody .
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>> a extreme weather alert. new tornado warnings and confirmation that one twister touched down. let's go to maria molina who is live in the fox weather center. >> confirmation of one tornado that touched down in north dakota as we watched conditions becoming favorable. there is a tornado watch because conditions are favorable . that one super cell that fired up north . confirmation by torm trackers that one twister touched down in north dakota at the county, and there is one tornado warning out with the same cell. including southeastern portions of sheretan and western of wells county . that is 6:30 transmittal time. we are going to continue to watch the thunderstorms fire up in the night time hours
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same area of high pressure is the heat wave that is taking place now and will continue to do so for the next several days. we are talking about dangerous temperatures and 96 north of rapid city and factor in the humidity and it will feel like over are you degrees in many of the areas. feels like 105 in kansas city. stay hydrate safe. there say number of heat advisoris and warnings in the portion of the midwest and dallas, texas. harris, it is rare to see a heat advisory for that city. they are used to heat and this extreme. 104 in minneapolis and before you factor in the humidity . monday, we are looking at highs in the nines in new york. >> people say it is hot and july. but in minneapolis they are not used to that.
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>> they are 10-15 above average and not normal. >> maria we'll check back with you as the news warns about the tornadic activity. >> a pat down in new york is generally reserved for the passengers. but one woman did a 180 and assaulting the airport screener . car magedion attacked california. if you don't know about this, sit tight, california is taking it dead on. [ male announcer ] the network --
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>> we heard coms about tsa
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agents groping passengerings. but this is different. a complaint about a passenger groping a tsa agent. she grabbed an agent's breast with both hands in phoenix. the woman admitted to them she groped the agent but she wouldn't say why. she is charged with sexual abuse. >> drivers in la dreading it and celebrities tweeting about it and it is it finally here. car mageddon. contruction shuth down the freeway. the city alitered drivers to stay out of the area which is tough. this is the interchange between the 405 and 101 . i don't know how you get around. there is less than what officials expected. 405 is a crucial stretch of road. public transportation there is
4:23 pm
not good enough alternative. the fox affiliate; hal, how is it going. >> good news, text message i got from the director of the project mike barber who said we are on schedule and looking good. they are words here. not even halfway in the 53 shut down . look over my shoulder that. is a bridge built back in 1959 and it is 51 years old. heavy equipment is like megajack hammers powning away in the concrete . the 405 is san diego freeway is widened by a lane and to widen it you have to widen the bridge. they will widen the south half and then the north half and
4:24 pm
widen that. and we'll go through it next year . so, it is sort of the been the talk of everybody for six weeks and politicians named it carmagedion and told people to stay home. and the message was singar from all of the agencies. just in with the cal tran folks everything is going well . so far it is like car maheaven than carmageddon. >> i imagine the mog is relieved. >> it is a breeze over here and pleasant and not a hundred degrees day. it is in the cents. so this is something. i mean, as you pointed out. something that celebrities talked about and this is a
4:25 pm
hollywood menitality. you think about things being big and got a name and like imax and 3 d. it is a big deal. car maheaven. >> let me tell you about the drivers real quick. >> we talked to a few of them and they are enjoying what they are ending up with here. take a listen. >> this is a beautiful city and we love to see it by foot and this is an aspect of la with the freeway closed. >> using doing zero or 5 and see it completely empty is surreal. >> all right. there you go. drivers, and enjoying car magidon and not the car taste trophy. >> i like you. and thank you so much. >> i am glad it is pleasant out there. hopefully they stay on schedule. thank you very much. we are waiting therelease for
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casey anthony. woolhave an update live from our orlando on our top story. who could forget this . dramatic rescue of the chilean miners. they are back and making big demands. >> action is not over in cape canaveral. the amazing rocket launch and gear it is carrying. [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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>> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report it is the bottom of the hour and time for the news. hours from now casey anthony set to go free. she is found not guilty of the murder of caylee. that verdict sparking outrage across the nation and for that reason, the officials keeping mum exactly when they plan to release here. it could happen early as midnight but we know that it will be tomorrow that she will get out. no one will say where she is going. her attorneys planning to make sure she is safe.
4:31 pm
this story taking shape hour by hour . the community is having a reaction . >> they are and not just people here in orlando and florida and the world really. mixed emotions and yet powerful emotions outside of the jail here . there are protestors who agree with the jury's verdict and those who do not. 20 miles or so on the other side of orange county, florida. a make shift memorial in the woods where caylee anthony's remains were found and becoming a tourist attention. that sounds morbid. but people are paying respects . on this day before casey's release, folks have a lot to say. it is if my child missing 31
4:32 pm
seconds, i would report it i don't understand how somebody can not care about the baby. a gall up pole was conduct found harris that two-thirds of the americans did not agree with the jury's verdict and they think casey anthony is guilty. >> i understand members of the public will not see her release. you were giving details in the top of the hour and you have learned more, casey? >> members of the public not allowed to see here and neither will members of the press. officials here are being smart about how they are coordinating the release. it is orchestred and although the details are not made public and not released to us . members of the press and a private security company telling fox news channel that the same method used to transport politicians and
4:33 pm
celebrities will be used here and meaning that decoy vehicles will be put in use . there might be sevensuv that leave here and untracable license plates . only one would carry casey anthony and general members of the public will not track her once she is a free woman. >> part of our coverage dealt with the public. we can catch a of amazing launches.
4:34 pm
it is for the united states air force. >> launching this recollect carrying it to guide it complete from space. this gps is more accurate. getting ready for day 10 in space. astronaut sleeping right now after hours of maintenance on the international space station for their mission. they repaired a key system and it is the second computer system to go down since the start of the mission and critecal for landing. atlantis set to return to earth on thursday. washington school system cleaning house. the chancellor firing teachers
4:35 pm
who underperformed in the classroom. it came down to a controversial job situation . it was called biased and defending the members. peter doocy has more on this from washington. >> final bell rain for 413 dc public school employees. 206, were teachers and five percent of all of the public teacher district of columbia . 288, of them were rated subparby the city's school valuation system. they look at how well their kids do and current school chancellor said that is a fair way to do it. the we are recognizing our
4:36 pm
higher performers . move out our low performers. >> she is trying to make sure every child has acess to a good education. they are taking aim at the ruleses. and they are proving to be a biace. they determined that they were highly affective and visible for 25 bone uses . kaling for pieceful reforms. we can't verify it. but thousands of syrians are taking to the street for profest already filled. they are urging the government
4:37 pm
to revolve the conflict peacefully. every country should organize and you thang makes for more accountable and effective government. >> clinton denied they have organized opposition groups to assaud's regime. >> remember the rescue miner in chile. in iraq a bomb explodes and killing three people and wounding nine according to the police. the device planted on a minibus. no word on who did this. president chavez headed to cub -a for chemo ther therapy. with that uncertainty remains about the political future of
4:38 pm
chavez . he must follow a path for a long and difficult return. doctors removed a tumor the size of a baseball one month ago. chile. the resrescue miners are back. now 311 of the 33 miners are suing the government for negligence . the agency overseeing the miners were not sufficient. it had nothing to do with the actual rescuers. miners are demanding 17 million in damages. china. this panda is called a bad mom. they are taking away her panda and giving her a healthier cub. >> that is a wrap. and former illinois governor rod blagojevich is a
4:39 pm
convicted felon and could spend years behind bars. how his house in chicago is keeping him out of the big house for now . sight in new york city doesn't include whale watching. but a larger than life size tribute for a big celebrity. it is huge. where you can see marilyn monroe like you have never before. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympms. but if you have arthris, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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they are saying this year's harvest is dying in large
4:43 pm
number and may get completely died out. too much fresh water flow through the pill way. it is a industry that is fighting the perception that last year's oil spill contaminated the sea food. sea love flourishing in unexpected places much even those in new york city x. creatures not seen here in generations are coming back. julie ban dera has the story. >> whales in new york. forget about it but there is more marine life than there has been in 100 years, sharks and dolphins and whales are settling back in the big apple after being drin out by polluted water and overfishing. but in a major effort to clean the water hudson bay. our efforts are working . >> as long as we treat the
4:44 pm
ocean with respect and manage ourselves when we are out there, things are going to get better and the whales will return . they will increase in the number of whales out of new york is a great sign and new yorkers should be proud. >> businesses are taking advantage starting whale and field watching tours. second year of running boat tours. captain of two ferryboats said the mammals have increased 10 fold. seeing 10 males a year and to 100 . this year it is shaping up to be better. >> mammal life that used pass by and go up to cape cod stay there because the water is so clear and starting last year, we had whales and porpeses and seals and this year more. >> people will soon come to new york instead of traditional whale friendly
4:45 pm
areas like cape cod, massachusetts . 30 to 50 fin whales live full time in the waters past the verzano bridge. >> thank you very much. fear on the streets of a midwest community as authorities chase down a six foot predator. our top story in mork. >> michigan. community of berkeley getting a square. a six foot long python slithering across the sidewalk. i had both dogs on the lease and there was a huge snake in the grass. >> the nake is likely a pet. >> they can be dangerous. a snake can grow up to 30 feet. >> they are aggressive and the michigan humane society taking the snake to a sanctuary.
4:46 pm
>> blagojevich is out on bond and in need of cash. the jury conflicted him of attempted extortion for trying to sell or trade former senator obama's seat. if he wants to be friend he could put it up for collateral. >> they like to buy homes with a story behind them. and also in the windy city, one of history's biggest celebrities becoming more massive . chicago unveiling a 26 foot tall statue of actress mar lenn monroe from the film seven year itch. >> she is an icon and it is neat. >> the statue is one of the city's most photographed attraction. that is a fox watch. >> made in the usa and forsale in chin a. see what product that has america written all
4:47 pm
over it. and a welcome source of industry for people in the south. learn about it . plus, last time, watching harry potter in action. harry potter mania, next. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. [ male announcer ] achievement: has big plans. ♪ achievement: plays well with others.
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♪ achievement: loves getting its hands dirty. ♪ achievement: is ready for the world. that's why pnc created grow up great®, our 10-year, 100-million-dollar program committed to early education and helping achievement start young. pnc bank. for the achiever in you(sm).
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>> rick voss said he feels extremely lucky. he was camping in a site when a 200 black bear pawed the tent open. he tried to stay still. that didn't work and the bear
4:51 pm
starting biting him. lux - he took my pajamas. >> he was rick's cousin also in the at the present time escape went to get help. they frightened the bear away with noise. rick had cuts and bruises and we learned that park officials put the bear down. >> when you think about chop sticks you probably don't. georgia is popular and sweet gum free . franks out two million a day. elizabeth is live from there.
4:52 pm
the shortage in china are not here. we never thought it was something of value. but they make wonderful chop sticks and shorten the process and perfect raw material and the same with popular . so we have a huge abundance and it was a natural fit. demand increased so much he is manufacturing them six days a week. it was not hard to find help. he has a sign on the door saying he simply can't hire anyone now.
4:53 pm
we have 56 employees . we will have employees . and we have them coming here . go up to 300 to 450.ees. >> he is looking for additional machinery. he's only manufacturing since may. >> i have an e-mail and wish i had thought of chop sticks. >> you and me both. we have plenty of trees. >> harry potter proving he has a trick up his threat that is worth money. that's how much it was earning . one day from ticket sales. it chattered the one day record . they lined up to see harry potter and the deathly hallows
4:54 pm
. the movie could break the weekend box office record currently held by the dark night. >> by this time tomorrow casey anthony will likely be free from jail. she was found not guilty . it could happen early as midnight and we are watching what is going on outside of that jail in orllano at this hour. birds can do a lot to humans . one has escaped from his home. so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better.
4:55 pm
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strong sent back in the 82nd minute. that was great. the big day is tomorrow. denver zoo workers are relieved to capturing a bird. it is the most dangerous bird species in the world. it can't fly so it couldn't get too far. the spokeswoman said it kept throwing itself into a wire fence. it is determined. they are not usually that ark gressive but they weigh 130 pounds and exarts say their long nails can learn.
4:59 pm
six feet tall and 130 pounds that is huge. recapping the top story. casey anthony expected walk out of the yale and found not guilty of murdering her two year old daughter caylee. they are not saying how that will happen. there is a lot of concern now about her security. 50 atomic bomb was found in the new mexico desert. the allies believe that thaxis powers were making a atomic bomb . top secret manhattan secret was launch scientist built the atomic bomb. after two billion dollars . it was ready for detonation . the blast was a success . less than a month later two , be dropped over japan. th

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